ELEKTROMOS Roller Navee S65

Ár: 388.590 Ft

Electric Scooter Navee S65 Navee S65 elektromos robogó Mostantól gyorsan és kényelmesen bejárhatja a várost. A Navee S65 elektromos robogó akár 65 km-es hatótávval is rendelkezik, és akár 25 km/órás sebességgel is haladhat. 500 W-os motorral és kettős felfüggesztési rendszerrel van felszerelve. További előnye az IPX5 vízállóság és a 10 hüvelykes tömlő nélküli, önzáró gumiabroncsok. A robogó kompatibilis a Mi Home applikációval is, amellyel például beállíthatjuk a tempomatot, módosíthatjuk a beállításokat és használhatjuk a jármű önvezető funkcióját. Továbbfejlesztett felfüggesztési rendszer Forget about unpleasant shocks and enjoy your ride even more. The S65 scooter offers an improved suspension system (front and rear), making it perfect for almost any conditions. With Navee you won't be intimidated by uneven sidewalks, cobblestones or low curbs - the S65 model will be perfect for getting around town and beyond! 10-inch wheels What else makes the S65 scooter perform so well even in difficult conditions? The vehicle is equipped with large 10-inch wheels with tubeless, self-sealing tires. As a result, you don't have to worry about air leakage or similar problems. With the Navee you simply enjoy the ride! What's more, the scooter's tires are excellent at absorbing shocks, which translates into a more comfortable experience. Range of up to 65 km Say goodbye to the need to charge your scooter frequently. The S65 has a high-capacity, long-lasting lithium battery built in, allowing it to provide a range of up to 65km. Daily commute to school or work? Or maybe a short trip out of town? Don't worry that the scooter will discharge too quickly and derail your plans! Safe and efficient operation of the battery is guaranteed by a special BMS system. Even more joy of riding Enjoy a smooth and pleasant ride. Thanks to the 500W brushless motor, the scooter provides better acceleration and easily overcomes inclines of up to 25%. What's more, the vehicle will not get excessively hot. Also noteworthy is the large deck with a width of 17cm and the pleasant-to-touch handlebar grips made of high-quality TPE plastic. However, this is not the end of the amenities - the scooter was created from durable aircraft aluminum, which means that it can easily withstand a load of up to 120kg. 3 modes to choose from Adjust the speed of the scooter to your expectations or to the situation. The Navee S65 lets you choose from 3 riding modes. Walk is perfect, for example, on a crowded sidewalk - it provides a speed of up to 5km/h. Standard offers a maximum of 15km/h. Do you dream of slightly higher speeds? Choose Sports mode, which guarantees a speed of up to 25km/h. To change the mode, just press the appropriate button - you can do it at any time while driving. Even more conveniences Enjoy convenient access to information about the scooter's operation. The S65 has a built-in small LED screen, with which you can quickly check the speed, the selected mode, the remaining battery level and more. Now you have all the most important data at your fingertips! However, this is not the end of the scooter's advantages - the vehicle is distinguished by IPX5 water resistance, which means that it will perform perfectly in almost any conditions. Did you get caught in the rain during your trip? You don't have to be afraid of anything! For the sake of safety Take care of your safety on the road. The scooter is equipped with a large disc brake so you can stop quickly. The vehicle also offers a 2.5W front light that will increase your visibility and make it easier to ride after dark. Even if your trip drags a bit and it gets dark, you'll get home safely with the S65! Simple folding in 3 steps Don't be afraid of problems with transporting and storing your scooter. Navee S65 features a folding design - you will fold it in just 3 easy steps. After folding, the vehicle becomes small enough that you can easily find a place for it in the trunk, in the hallway or in the office. Moving the scooter from place to place won't be a problem either! In the box Scooter Extension nozzle Charger User manual Screw x5 Allen wrench Márka Navee Model S65 Max hatótáv 65km Max. sebesség 25km/h Motor névleges teljesítmény 500W Kerékméret 10″ Max. emelkedési szög 25% Fékek Hátsó tárcsa Akkumulátor 12,75Ah Töltési idő kb. 6,5 óra Vízálló IPX5 Fényteljesítmény 2,5 W Max. terhelés 120kg Felhasználói magasság 120-200cm A robogó súlya 24,3kg Méretek kibontva: 1222 x 551 x 1266mm; Összecsukva: 1222 x 549 x 539 mm;

Üzemanyag: Elektromos
Feladás dátuma: 2024.06.14
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